Yume Koi Japan October 2020 Sakai Offer

Yume Koi Japan October 2020 Sakai Offer

Mike Snaden Bio
Mike Snaden of Yume Koi Japan

We have the incredibly good fortune of being offered a superb batch of 66 Sakai Nisai (bred August 2019) in total. Mike is now operating from Hiroshima permanently and is able to find offers like this now on a consistent basis. Thankfully he gave us first crack at this group and they will be coming to the US later this month. They will be available for purchase after a 30 day quarantine and rest period and can be shipped via freight or FedEx within the continental United States.

Mike has been a good friend for the past 20 odd years and we have traveled all over Japan together in the past in search of the best koi the country has to offer. Having him situated in close proximity to the breeders of Western Japan is a true blessing and will enable us to import more and better high-quality koi into the Mid-Atlantic region!

These 66 koi are broken down into 8 separate groups, with each koi getting their own number within the group. Please direct inquiries to us at info@miyabikoi.com or via Facebook messenger or contact us from the Miyabi Koi Farm page on Facebook. Video footage of these koi is posted below the photos.

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