Sakai Sanke Sa00004

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Exceptional Sakai Sanke with an excellent frame perfect for future growth! The juxtaposition of then beni and sumi pattern offers a certain level of eye-catching uniqueness. The beni has a depth that will allow it to stretch and brighten further as it continues to grow, providing many seasons of enjoyment for the owner. The shiroji really speaks for itself and will increase in viewing area as the koi grows, showing the underlying quality. We highly recommend this kohaku for hobbyists that love to grow out their koi and enjoy their development!

This sanke was bred from Wakashoryu and Rose lines.

So much potential that will become more apparent in the upcoming years if raised in a pond that can allow for heavy feeding.

This sanke is located at the 12 o’clock position in the start of the video, and is ⑦ in the last photo.

Sakai Sanke S0002

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Sakai Sanke Sa00004
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