AST Endurance 4000 Bead Filter: Automated Backwash

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  • Automatic pneumatic backwash in a small footprint – hands free back washing.
  • Air-pump and pressure gauge included to make getting your filter started a breeze.
  • Get robust and efficient water filtration for your aquarium.
  • The perfect product for home/professional pond filtration. A modern replacement for sand filters.
  • Advanced koi pond filtration (for ponds up to 4000 gallons).

Automatic Pneumatic Backwash in a Small Footprint

AST Endurance Filter is an advancement of our patented PolyGeyser technology with the addition of many new enhancements and increased performance features. A modern replacement for sand filters.

The Base Kits have everything you need for a simple, reliable filtration system. Choose from the smaller Endurance 2000 units or larger Endurance 4000 units. Each unit comes with a filter pre-filled with enhanced bead media, an adjustable flowmeter, and associated air fittings, check valves, tubing and brackets. Plus, an air pump and pressure gauge.

Features include:
– Automatic pneumatic backwash enabling the filter to operate for extended periods of time without intervention, saving time and labor
– Lowest water loss filter in the industry, less than 5% of traditional filters
– Large sludge storage chamber that concentrates the sludge minimizing servicing needs
– Superior solids removal and biofiltration in one filter, delivering crystal clear water
– Low profile design allows for “airlift” water pumping, minimizing energy costs
– Elegant, simple design with no moving internal parts and no replacement media ever required, guaranteeing trouble free operation
– Units arrive pre-filled with bead media that never needs to be replaced

Bidding is easy, but you’ll need to register first!

You will first need to create an account by going to our registration page. After registration is complete, your password will be sent you to via email. Using this password and the user name that you selected, please login to the site and you will then be able to bid on koi. For more detailed information on the process, please refer to the “How to Bid” section of our FAQ page.
Shipping within the continental US is $50 via UPS or free for pickup from the farm. We will determine health of the koi and take into account other factors such as weather and foreseeable delays before shipment, and confirm a date with buyer beforehand.